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Speaking & Professional
Development Services

“I bring extensive experience to the table, having served as the Internal Communications Coordinator for the University of Tennessee, helping enhance the work culture of over 9,000 employees and faculty! With a rich background of over 20 years in leadership roles, I have successfully guided teams and volunteers to achieve their goals. I am known for my relatability and exceptional communication skills, excelling in areas such as leadership, cross-cultural communication, brand and marketing consulting, public speaking, career coaching, and more!” -Canena Adams

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Canena's versatility shines through in her ease with both intimate one-on-one interactions and commanding larger stages, where she has taken on the role of keynote speaker for audiences exceeding 700. She's a seasoned educator, speaker, and facilitator, having adeptly guided numerous groups and events. A pinnacle moment in her career unfolded when she had the honor of delivering a speech and keynote for the US Department of Health and Human Services' FYSB (Family and Youth Services Bureau) during the summer of 2019. The event drew representatives from over 150 US organizations, with a remarkable attendance of over 780.

Canena's impactful journey extends to other prominent stages as well. She had the privilege of sharing her narrative on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., in the spring of 2017. Additionally, she was selected as a TEDx Speaker in 2020, although the live event was regrettably postponed due to the global pandemic. While this setback was disappointing, Canena remains steadfast in her pursuit of that dream, with hopes of one day gracing the TEDx stage.

In essence, Canena's driving force is her fervent desire to witness others achieve victory. From her childhood, where she defied limitations imposed by family dynamics and statistics, she pledged to shatter those cycles and emerge triumphant—regardless of the challenges. Her dedication yielded success, and she has since been a guiding light for countless individuals, especially women, instilling a sense of self-worth whether within the classroom, community outreach endeavors, or personal mentorship.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Canena is a dynamic and spirited individual who relishes cherished moments spent with family and close friends. Her zest for life extends to travel, savoring delectable cuisine, indulging in shopping adventures, and, above all, empowering others to triumph. Canena firmly believes in the significance of our existence, viewing life as a precious opportunity to make a profound impact on the world and the lives of those around us. Her guiding motto, encapsulated in her favorite quote by Dr. Stevenson, resonates deeply: "You were born for the time you were needed most..."

Canena offers the flexibility of conducting comprehensive full-day (6 hours) or concise half-day (3 hours) professional development workshops, along with engaging keynote speeches. Additionally, she excels in curating and customizing presentations that precisely align with the unique requirements of your company, school, or organization.

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