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Canena Adams, MA, LLBSW, SRAS

BeYou Branding & Consulting Services, LLC
Founder & Owner

Internal Communications Coordinator 

University of Tennessee 

She's UP
(previously known as Women of Worth, Inc)


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Canena wears many hats; she's a wife of 20-plus years to her business partner and best friend Gregory Adams; she's a mother of 5 and a mentor. Canena has held various leadership positions.

Canena loves all things communication—and believes that when used effectively, ‘communication’ is our most powerful tool. She is a successful communication professional with over 15 years of experience managing communications initiatives, public relations, written communication, and marketing. Her areas of expertise are not limited to her current role as the Internal Communications Coordinator at the University of Tennessee but also include adjunct Communications Prof., Ph.D. Student, Effective Communications Specialist, Leadership & Personal Development, Brand & Marketing Consultant. Canena has worked in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. 


Throughout her career journey as a former nonprofit CEO, Assistant Director, and small business owner, Canena has effectively led as an Executive & assisted Executives, CEOs, and fellow board members in the following:


•Greatly utilized her skill sets and proficiency in M.S. Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Google Docs, Final Cut Pro, Graphic Design, Social Media Strategies, and Content Creation Software 

•Produced photography and videography for social media and digital media

•Produced Oral and written presentations; Created and implemented social media marketing campaigns and strategies 

•Managed all communications, social media, branding, P.R., marketing, and web content creation


Canena has produced targeted campaigns and launches, resulting in an 80% increase in brand exposure for various community events and endeavors in Jackson, MI, before relocating to the beautiful State of Tennessee. She has also had experience maximizing brand exposure by ensuring her team utilized the right social media tools for high-impact marketing, strategic graphic, and content creation—as well as video and Live-Stream content—which were significant components to each campaign’s success. 


Canena has a recognizable ability to advance confidence and long-lasting relationships with team members and partners. She is well-versed in commissioning persuasive/effective communication skills to influence consumer perceptions positively. Two of her most proud opportunities include speaking in Washington, DC, before U.S. Congress; and keynoting an event hosted by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, where she stood before 150 organizations/representatives, with a total of 750 in attendance. 


Canena has provided direct leadership to significant marketing efforts, including a school board candidate (who won her seat in 1st place). She has successfully led and overseen important venue events, facilitated work projects—and trained individuals and professionals. She has worked with those in various sectors, making her work and expertise extremely valuable. As a Ph.D. student pursuing a Communication & Strategic Media degree, Canena believes that “Knowledge is Power” and is even more powerful when communicated effectively.

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Greg Adams, MA, SRAS

Farragut Middle School
BeYou Branding & Consulting Services, LLC
Founder & Owner

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Greg is a proud father of 5 children and a devoted husband to a beautiful and inspirational wife of 21 years. Greg is a veteran educator with 19 years of experience who has a heart for youth and families. He started his career rehabilitating at-risk youth for 15 years as a Youth Specialist at the Jackson County Youth Center, and then followed that by serving as an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at DaVinci High School in Jackson, Michigan, and six years as a special education instructor for the Jackson Intermediate School District. He has worked as Program Director for Western Career Prep High School and as an Assistant Principal at Jackson High School. Most recently Mr. Adams served as the 9th Grade Principal at Bearden High School.

Greg has a bachelor’s degree in Learning Disabilities/Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Emotional Impairment, both from Michigan State University.  He earned his certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration from the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals. Adams is an East Tennessee native, a dedicated and highly motivated educator and mentor, and a well-rounded individual with a focus on excellence, innovation, and self-improvement.


Greg’s passion for the community has awarded him the opportunity to volunteer in various capacities ranging from teaching marriage and family classes, hosting community events, to facilitating the significance of positive peer culture.

Greg is a certified SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) Specialist and uses his credentials and expertise via public speaking and teaching healthy relationship sessions (to youth and adults).


Greg has keynoted events with audiences of 500 people or more. Greg is also certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention; and Secondary Educational Leadership. Greg has written and assisted in Curriculum Development for Faith Groups; and has mentored and guided countless individuals into achieving their short and long term goals. 


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