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Canena wears many hats; she’s a wife of 17 years to her business partner and best friend Gregory Adams; she’s a mother of 5, and a mentor to many. Canena has held various leadership positions, which includes her current position, Founder and Director of “WOW”/Women of Worth, Inc. - located in Jackson, MI. "WOW" is  a local nonprofit in the Jackson, MI community whose overall mission is to see women, youth, and families live their absolute “best” and “healthiest” life. Canena also served as Interim Executive Director of Marriage Matters Jackson; Women’s Chair/President of a Women’s Group (a position she held for over 14 years); Outreach Specialist/Social Worker of her county’s Department on Aging through their local Health Department; and Link Scholars Program Advisor for Spring Arbor University.   


Canena is a certified SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) Specialist and uses her credentials and expertise via public speaking and teaching healthy relationship sessions (to youth and adults); and by hosting and participating in community events. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and an MA in Communication and Leadership from Spring Arbor University.


Canena considers herself to be very versatile in that she is comfortable in one-on-one settings but has also stood on larger platforms as the keynote speaker with audiences of 700 or more. Canena has taught, keynoted, and facilitated groups and events for faith-based organizations as well as secular. Additionally, Canena has also done contractual work with the US Department of Health and Human Services/ FYSB (Family and Youth Services Bureau)

Greg Adams, MA, SRAS

Western Career Prep High School

Program Director/Principal

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Greg is a proud father of 5 children and a devoted husband to a beautiful and inspirational wife of 17 years. Greg is a Michigan State University Alumni with a Bachelor's degree in Special Education and a Masters degree in Emotional Impairments. Greg currently serves as the Program Director/Principal at Western Career Prep High School for the Western School District located in Jackson, MI. He has more than 15 years of experience teaching emotionally impaired students, rehabilitating at-risk youth and engaging youth in relevant life skills lessons/activities, anger management, and team building exercises to build social appropriateness. Greg’s passion for the community has awarded him the opportunity to volunteer in various capacities ranging from teaching marriage and family classes, hosting community events, to facilitating the significance of positive peer culture.

Greg is a certified SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) Specialist and uses his credentials and expertise via public speaking and teaching healthy relationship sessions (to youth and adults).


Greg has keynoted events with audiences of 500 people or more. Greg is also certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention; and Secondary Educational Leadership. Greg has written and assisted in Curriculum Development for Faith Groups; and has mentored and guided countless individuals into achieving their short and long term goals. 


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