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Do you have a dream or a vision for your future? Do you have an innovative idea... but you're just not sure how to make it all happen? No worries! We can help you make your dreams a reality! 


Effective Communication

If you could inspire each person on your team to a higher level of accomplishment and achievement, via effective communication, how would your organization change? How much more would you and/or your organization benefit from being less stressed, highly energized and internally motivated? Let us help you make that a reality!



We are lifetime learners! There is always room for growth!  Our team has years of experience in cross cultural communication, interpersonal development, Media and Business Etiquette and more! We believe in performing at your highest level! 

What Our Clients Say

Mia Tyler

Social Worker (Tennessee)

I had dreams of finishing my associates degree. I just didn’t know exactly how I would accomplish, what I thought was an impossible task. Being a single mother of four and working full time, completing college seemed impossible. After discussing my dream with Canena Adams, she encouraged me to push through my fears and contact JCC to speak with an academic advisor. After meeting with the advisor, I immediately contacted Canena, who helped me set a few goals to accomplish my dream. In 2015 I graduated with my Associate degree followed by completing my Bachelor degree in 2017. Without the guidance of Canena Adams; help with goal setting and encouragement, along with much needed prayer. I have no doubt I would still be only dreaming about finishing college.

Yvette Wilkie

Business Owner & Podcast Host (Michigan)

Canena, is amazing!!!! I’ve worked with her on several business projects!!! Her work is original and creative!!

Betty Briston

Business Owner (Michigan)

BeYou Branding & Consulting service did an amazing job on my website and business fb page. Thank you for your excellent work. If you need a business page or Campaign page or an Ad promoting your business, BeYou Branding & Consulting Services, LLC is the one you need. Go to  check out there services. Thank you Canena Adams for your great service.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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